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Dear Mr. Mark Chapman! 

My name is Arthur and I am a last year student at Bangkok Univeristy Int.,

The website you see is an incomplete version of what you will get.




We're using html5 which provides faster loading time. 

We are not providing you with the source code, but the website IS FREE! 

You will receive every single reservation request on your email - which means that there is no fees, or comissions to be paid! 

You can also customize the reservation form by sending us a request. 


In addition! We are going to provide you with unique email addresses, such as: absolutely free! You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes (this service is provided by - one of the most reliable email services in Europe).


Also, your website is perfectly visible on any mobile device. 



In case you have any update request or a new promotion (for instance) please let us know, so we can update your website within minutes (usually it doesn't take longer than an hour) - so there's absolutely nothing else you need to do to support your online presence. 




The website is totally free, and we are able to connect your existing domain name. Though there are few thigs you might want to consider:


Monthly fee (server + website support* + own booking system)  =  1500฿

In case you would like to pay for 12 months in advance, you get 125$ coupon for advertising (70$ for google ads + 50$ for facebook)


It is possible to translate your website using google, though the accuracy of translation will not be the best. For that reason we offer our translation services, at the cost of 3000฿ for any language. We use only proffesional translators, and guarantee full money-back if the result does not satisfy you.


In addition we provide unlimited calling service using Skype (includes unlimited calls in over 60 countries) for 1 month at the cost of 300฿ - while the regular price is 14 Euros (subscription).


As Russia is one of the world's emerging markets at the moment - we are happy to offer You domain name WWW.KRABISANDS.RU in addition to your existing domain ( This will allow the majority of search engines to index your website easily. This domain is not for sale at moment, but the rental price is only 100฿ per month. 


Please give me a call at any time, 0961530164. 



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